Whole Church Initiative (WCI)

WCI Overview

The Whole Church Initiative (WCI) is a valuable tool in building vital churches as it provides an active process of discernment for local congregations. The goal of the WCI is to help congregations follow the lead of the Holy Spirit to discover how God is calling them to live out their mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world in the 21st century.

In the WCI process, each church's team will Pray, Partner & Practice.

  • PRAY with one another, pray for its church and community, enlivening its church and ministries.
  • PARTNER with one another and with the community, embracing where God is already at work.
  • PRACTICE with ministry experiments that engage the church with the community.

With Prayer, Partner and Practice, WCI won't be another program to learn about, but will be a process leading to transformation.

Churches involved in WCI will work with other WCI churches in Cohorts or Circuits. These groups are formed with the recommendations of the District Superintendents. This process is a combination of local church team gatherings, weekend training events with the other Cohort or Circuit churches, follow-up video conferences and ongoing coaching.

WCI Process

The WCI process includes:

  • Pray: 8 weeks of spiritual formation for the individual church teams
  • Partner: 4 monthly gatherings of all Cohort or Circuit churches
  • Practice: Continued work of creating & evaluating experiments within the community and church
  • Coaching: for each church pastor during the Practice phase
  • Readiness 360:  a tool used to gauge the church community's readiness to embrace a new vision and new ministries 
  • Mission Insite: a tool used for a church to learn its community


WCI Participant Churches can find resources on the WCI Participants page (see on the right).

Contact Information

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact our WCI Coordinator, the Rev. Laura E. Rainwater at lrainwater@mtnskyumc.org