MLK Day 2021 Virtual Worship Service

Well-Being Cohorts

Well-Being Cohorts

These cohorts consist of up to 5 participants who will meet 3 times as a group and once individually with their facilitator. Our hope is to provide a space to process the stressors of the past couple of months in small supportive communities. Each group will have a licensed therapist who can help think through coping strategies, facilitate the sharing of the highs and lows of ministry, and create space to begin imagining the next steps in ministry. We hope you will take part by applying here to participate in this round of cohorts by May 20th  if you are in these categories (as selected by the Leadership Development Team):

  • Lay or Clergy Ministry Leader of Children's or Youth Programming
  • Clergy of any category (LLP, Supply, Deacon, Elder, Retired) serving a congregation in the MSC

Up to 6 cohorts will be funded primarily through grant funds from Leadership Development (for laity) and an MEF group grant (for clergy). There is no cost for laity, and $25 registration fee for clergy. Click on the application link to read about the therapists leading the cohorts, and to apply. Cohorts begin the week of May 26th or June 2nd and will meet for 3 consecutive weeks. 

Meet Your Cohort Leaders

Dr. Jason Whitehead, LCSW, M.Div, PhD

I am a therapist, pastor, teacher, author, and coach (in training with ICF). As an ordained PC(USA) minister, I work with our New Worshiping Community initiatives as an advocate and coach; I moderate our standing work groups on innovation and the future of the church; and, I am on the board of the Presbyterian Mental Health Network, our national initiative on mental health, well-being, and the church.  

Heidi Lindeman M.Div, M.A, L.P.C.C., IFS Therapist

As a therapist in private practice, I provide therapy to adults who are longing for deeper self-awareness and healing. I particularly focus on complex trauma and suicidal ideation. Often, people I work with live with depression and/or anxiety; which are ways in which they have learned to cope with life’s challenges, especially childhood trauma. 

I attended seminary at Chicago Theological Seminary and am part of the United Church of Christ. My seminary journey provided a space in which I steeped myself deeper into my own spirituality. The journey led me into pursuing a therapy degree from Regis University. Spirituality is a core in my personal and professional life. With Internal Family Systems, IFS, I am able to provide people with an experience of relating to all parts of themselves from a compassionate, loving, embracing soul space. I deeply believe when we are able to accept and celebrate all parts of ourselves, we are able to live the life we were intended to live.